• 1) I am a fresher, will I be eligible to take the course

    • Yes of course, you are most welcome.
  • 2) What are the Eligibility / Minimum qualifications to join the course

      • 18 years and above
      • Candidates with any qualification are welcome. This being Vocational Skill Building we are accessible to people from all backgrounds
      • Passion and desire to grow in this industry
  • 3) Will I be able to work in a salon with this qualification

    • Yes Of course. With this qualification you will be considered as one of the fast track people in any company or Salon due to the high level of skills at your disposal. You will be one of the valued resources of the Company or Salon
  • 4) Can I start my own salon once qualified

    • Yes of course. You will be fully empowered to start your own Salon after the course
  • 5) Do I need to buy a kit?

    • The kit is included in the course fee for the Diploma courses
  • 6) Can I do two courses simultaneously

    • Absolutely. We have great flexibility in offering a combination of courses that best suit your needs
  • 7) Am I too old to return to study

    • No one is ever too old to return to study. Of course you can come back to study at any point in time. We encourage people to up skilling themselves as the Industry changes very quickly and one should always keep oneself updated with the latest information in the Industry
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